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Test Fitting the K20C Type R Engine – EG, EK, DC2

Test Fitting the K20C in some of Honda’s Classic Performance Chassis

By Brian Gillespie

K20C, I’d Like to Introduce You to the EG, EK and DC2

After pulling our K20C from the Type R we decided to see how it fit in some of Honda’s most modified models. We spent the day at Hasport performance with the engine, a lift and a bunch of cars. We aren’t the first to put this engine into an EG, but we didn’t stop there. We also tried it in an EK and DC2. We know what you want to know. Will it fit? How much work will it take? The K20C is a big beefy engine so it’s not going to fit like K-series of the past. We’ve outlined our thoughts on what it would be like to swap this engine and talk about some of the challenges.

What About the Other Chassis?

By the way, we didn’t stop here either. Stay tuned for future videos. We going to try the engine in an EF, DA, EM2, ZE, ZF, FD, and FG chassis. What Honda would you like to see this engine in? Is it on the list? I have a crate motor too. Maybe we need to see if we can connect it to the older K-series transmission and see how it fits. And stay tuned for the L15B7 engine in these chassis.

What about the Accord K20C?

We don’t think a lot of people will be doing this swap soon, but we can’t wait until the K20C from a new Accord arrives. This will be the most common version of this engine and probably the overwhelming choice for engine swappers. Think about it, the K20C in a double wishbone chassis that weighs 800-900 lbs less than the FK8. That will be a Type R Killer.

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Brian Gillespie
Technical Editor at VTEC Academy
Brian Gillespie fell in love with the Honda brand in 1974 when he owned and raced a CR 125 Honda Elsinore. Many Hondas later he started Hasport Performance with his brother Keith. The last 17 years have been spent developing all sorts of engine mount kits, paving the way for nearly every Honda engine swap that's since taken place.