R18A Boost Solution

Jackson Racing’s R18A Civic Supercharger System and why you need it.

By Aaron Gaghagen
Photos by Aaron Bonk

You’ve got an eighth-generation Civic and it isn’t an Si, which means you’re feeling all alone when it comes to going fast. The good folks at Jackson Racing believe they have the cure for your sleepy right foot, though, with the release of its R18A Supercharger System for 2006-2011 models of the non-Si ilk.

After engineering its CARB-legal supercharger kit for the CR-Z, Jackson Racing wanted to bring improved performance to the R18A-powered masses with the same sort of reliability and emissions certification. Based on a Rotrex C30-74 supercharger with its self-contained oiling system and cooler, the people at Jackson Racing say as much as 65 hp and 50 lb-ft of torque are yours for the taking with its CARB-legal kit while retaining everyday streetability for both manual and automatic models. Jackson Racing also says that, when driven normally, the kit maintains the same sort of exceptional fuel economy you bought your Honda for in the first place.


Jackson Racing says its R18A system is a seamless addition to non-Si Civics, and they're right. The kit retains the sort of drivability you've come to expect from your Honda with OEM-type craftsmanship underneath the hood.

But let’s say you don’t want to just beat your Si brethren; you’d rather embarrass them, and you don’t care about all of that CARB-legal funny business. Jackson Racing makes a kit for you, too. As it turns out, they make two kits that each up the boost to 10 psi. The company calls the most powerful version its Track Package, which Jackson Racing says results in gains of up to 100 hp and 60 lb-ft torque by means of a reworked Hondata FlashPro system, 450cc/min. fuel injectors, and you ditching your catalytic converter. Their lawyers say this kit’s only good for the track, but drivability for all of the company’s R18A kits differ little from one to the next.


Decades worth of supercharging experience means Jackson Racing's R18A system is as complete as they come, including everything necessary for a truly turn-key kit.

Jackson Racing, who pioneered Honda supercharging in the 1990s and delivered Rotrex technology to the Honda masses, offers what Honda enthusiasts who know better consider the most reliable and thorough Rotrex-based supercharger systems available.

Starting at $3495, Jackson Racing offers multiple kits for the eighth-generation Civic with its R18A engine that’ll fit your boost, emissions, and tuning goals. Go find out more at jacksonracing.com.


The C30-74 Rotrex supercharger yields a 45-percent increase in power and retained CARB-legal status on entry-level, pre-tuned systems.

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