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Project 81 Civic Part 5 – Meet the crew

Project 81 Civic Part 5 – Meet the crew

By Brian Gillespie

In this episode we pause to introduce some of the crew that’s been eatimg tacos on Tuesday and then helping wrench on our Civic afterwards. Meet Robert Diaz of Hush Performance, 2nd gen Civic owner Roy Lopez, Honda dude Brandon Sandoval and Nacho Speed Garage intern and VTEC Academy “No” man Carter Gillespie.

Speaking of tacos, if you’re ever in the Phoenix area on a Tuesday, you’re welcome to join us for tacos at Dos Gringos in Tempe. We’re usually there from 5:30 till 7:30 talking Hondas and tacos.

With the engine question settled, I think, it’s time to prep the engine bay. We fill the holes, talk about engine bay treatment and generally make plans for the next steps of modification.


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Brian Gillespie
Technical Editor at VTEC Academy
Brian Gillespie fell in love with the Honda brand in 1974 when he owned and raced a CR 125 Honda Elsinore. Many Hondas later he started Hasport Performance with his brother Keith. The last 17 years have been spent developing all sorts of engine mount kits, paving the way for nearly every Honda engine swap that's since taken place.