Progress Competition Series Rear Sway

Progress Competition Series Rear Sway Bar System sharpens up 3rd generation Integras and 5th generation Civics.

By Aaron Gaghagen


Old school Integra and Civic racers rejoice because Progress Group is showing love to the 1994-2001 Integra(Non-Type R) and the 1992-1995 Civic with the development of their new Competition Series Rear Sway Bar System.



Progress Anti-sway bars are cold-formed in-house using their custom-built precision bending equipment. Both laser-cut and CNC bar ends are MIG welded in place using a precise fixture for an exact fit.


The Progress Group development team designed an integrated sway package for Acura/Honda enthusiasts. They have produced a complete sway system that they say offers superior performance and quiet operation with durability. Competition Series ‘CS’ anti-roll systems designed to perform for years with minimal maintenance required.


The new Competition Series Rear Sway Bar System features:

-Three point adjustable 22mm sway bar for easy chassis tuning.
-Poly bushings and lateral location rings for instant sway bar response.
-Attractive heavy gauge steel brace for zero sub-frame tear-out.
-Powder-coated sway, brace & brackets for superior appearance & corrosion resistance.
-Unique adjustable M10 ball-stud end links for years of quiet operation.
-Made in the USA.



Progress anti-sway bars dramatically improve handling by minimizing the traction-robbing body 'lean' that rolls part of the outside tires off the pavement.


The ‘CS’ Rear Sway Bar Systems uses a 22mm diameter three-point adjustable sway bar with integrated steel chassis brace, and their newest ‘HD’ end links. They are adjustable, durable, and quiet requiring no shims or washers to install. The kit has everything needed to install and hit the road.

The 22mm sway bar rates change depending on the setting you choose. You can select from 310 lb/in. on the softest setting, 360 lb/in. on the middle setting and 410 lb/in. on the firmest setting.

Progress also made a video to walk you through the installation process and illustrate the ease of getting it on your Integra of Civic.



The Progress Rear Sway for 3rd gen Integras and 5th gen Civics retails for $306.00 and is now available here on their website along with much more information on suspension tuning.



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