Ninth-Gen Accord Tuning Fix

Hondata comes through for ’13-’15 Accord V6 owners with all-new FlashPro.

By Aaron Bonk
Photos courtesy of Honda North America and Hondata

Hondata’s just announced it’s adding to its line of capable ECU-tuning solutions with its all-new FlashPro application for the ’13-’15 Accord V6. Like all FlashPro systems, the company’s latest is a complete tuning and data-logging package that users can access through the included Windows-based FlashProManager software.

Now, the ability to adjust ignition, fuel, and idle speed tables means improving upon Honda’s 278hp 3.5L V6 just got a whole lot easier.


Hondata's all-new FlashPro application for ninth-generation Accords featuring 3.5L V6 engines allows for total control over ignition and fuel parameters to allow for larger fuel injectors or even forced induction systems.


Honda's VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) can be turned off through Hondata's FlashProManager, allowing all six cylinders to stay busy all the time.

Key features include:

  • Programmable interface with multiple starting calibrations
  • No need to modify your ECU
  • Experience full engine power by disabling VCM
  • Speed-density, MAP-based tuning
  • Edit ignition, fuel, knock, and idle speed tables
  • Edit VTEC engagement
  • Four-bar MAP sensor support
  • Support for larger fuel injectors
  • Built-in RPM and launch limiters
  • Extensive data-logging capabilities
  • Bluetooth plug-and-play capability for iOS and Android
  • Check and clear OBD2 trouble codes
  • Industry-leading ECU management and support

Installing FlashPro is easy; just connect the FlashPro to your laptop’s USB port and to the Accord’s OBD2 diagnostic port to start loading pre-set calibrations or start tuning.

Getting started is easy; just connect your laptop’s USB port to the FlashPro unit and the FlashPro unit to the Accord’s OBD2 diagnostic port. Tuning is just as simple thanks to pre-loaded calibrations for naturally aspirated and forced induction applications as well as for those requiring larger fuel injectors. Key features also include live tuning without shutting down the engine and up to 20 hours worth of data-logging.

The whole system will set you back $695, but that’s a small price to pay for the ability to make the sort of changes that can result in a bit more power or, at the very least, keep you from blowing your engine to pieces from your inability to properly tune it. Visit Hondata’s website to learn more.

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Aaron Bonk
Editor at VTEC Academy
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