New K-Tuned Water Plate

New K-Tuned Water Plate helps tuners find lost horsepower.

By Aaron Gaghagen
Pictures courtesy of K-Tuned


Honda engines are pretty efficient at squeezing the most power possible from a relatively small amount of displacement. However, tuners and racers are always looking to pull more power from their Honda engines. More power is always better, right? For years people have been getting rid of their OEM belt-driven water pump and replacing them with electric pumps to reduce parasitic drag on the engine. The idea is the less crank energy is used outside of going to the wheels, the better.

The first product K-Tuned ever developed was the electric water pump plate for the K series. K-Tuned has been around for a minute now, so you know that original electric water pump plate design has copied time and time again. Not content with a proven design, K-Tuned has improved it and just released their new K-Tuned water plate.


The is the front of the new K-Tuned water plate. The large coolant port is tapped for -16AN thread and the smaller breather port is tapped for -8AN thread.



The new water plate kit now uses two o-rings seals instead of using Honda Bond. This makes it easier to remove and re-install the plate.



The alternator brackets have both been redesigned to be stronger and incorporate more adjustmen and allows for the use of the lighter weight alternator from the B or D series on a K series using the new K-Tuned water plate.


You can buy the water plate by itself and piece together your own electric water pump setup or you can go with a complete kit with all the details already sorted out for you directly from K-Tuned or an authorized retailer. Prices range from $124.99 for the new water plate only to $599.99 for a complete kit with new water pump using a B series alternator or $699.99 for the same using a K series alternator instead. Visit K-Tuned online for more information.



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