Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Let your freak flag fly: Honda enthusiasts are outside the norm. 

By Aaron Gaghagen 

Let face it, automobile enthusiasts are not normal people. We fill our minds with information about engine block designations, exhaust pipe diameters, cross model compatible brake and suspension parts, etc… The general public does not care about any of that stuff in the slightest. All they care about is if the car looks cool and/or it gets them where they’re going.

I was reminded of this when a coworker was telling me about his car (a Chevrolet Cobalt, yuck!) with a blown engine. My first thought after hearing about this was that there are probably thousands of these engines sitting in the yards and that he could probably even upgrade to the supercharged or turbocharged power plant from a SS for less than whatever the shop he would take it to wanted to charge him. However this was not his take on the situation, he didn’t care about any of that. All he wanted was the same engine installed by someone else for less than what the dealership wanted to charge him. What? Why?!? Then I remembered that contrary to my friends, Facebook, Instagram feed and YouTube suggested videos, automotive enthusiasts aren’t normal. 


Bone stock 1997 Acura Integra GS-R?!?!? BOING! I want that. Regular people just see a car. Photo courtesy of Acura

Being a Honda enthusiast pushes us even further from being from close to normal. The average person can see a Lamborghini and recognize it as a cool car, but we will see a stock Integra Type R or an unmolested EF8 and have the same reaction. They’ll see an Acura and some tiny Honda. In fact the average auto enthusiast doesn’t even get what is so great about owning/modifying/driving/racing a Honda, ESPECIALLY a front wheel drive one. 

Although there are glimpses of us being accepted by fellow auto enthusiasts in the mainstream. The last two years a front wheel drive Honda has earned a top ten spot in SEMA’s Battle of the Builders. This Spring media-wide the new Civic Type R has been getting mad love. I mean, how could they not? When you create the quickest Nurburgring lapping front wheel drive of all-time it’s difficult to ignore when it’s coming to the USA for the first time. 

Those instances of Hondas being shown love are the exception and not the rule. Honestly, I like it like that. Nothing is more satisfying than creating something that only a few of us will truly appreciate and understand that can occasionally upset the balance of the status quo. So, let your freak flag fly like a pair of middle fingers aimed at conventional thinking and let’s ride!

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Aaron Gaghagen
Multimedia Editor at VTEC Academy
Aaron Gaghagen is a veteran video editor and longtime Honda enthusiast. All told, he’s owned seven of them, and has enjoyed every single minute of wrenching on every single one. Except for that automatic one. That was probably a mistake. In 2010 Aaron teamed up with Brian Gillespie who along with another partner launched Nacho Speed Garage, a venture that capitalized on Aaron’s video expertise to do its part in entertaining and educating the Honda masses. Nacho Speed Garage took everything to the next level. Instead of reading magazines and cruising forums for content, Aaron and Brian were generating it themselves. The demise of Honda Tuning magazine in 2014 was the impetus for Aaron to do something even more impactful, though, which led to the creation of VTEC Academy and aims to carry that Honda torch forward in the same spirt of not just Honda Tuning but Nacho Speed Garage.