New! K-Tuned 90mm Throttle Body

K-Tuned’s deep breathing solution for K series racers.

By Aaron Gaghagen
Photos courtesy of K-Tuned

K-Tuned has a history of listening to their customers and coming up with solutions. The K-Tuned 90mm throttle body is their answer for K series powered setups that wish to take advantage of a larger 1989-1993 Mustang 5.0 throttle body. The advantage here is that these come with K series MAP sensor and Idle Air Control Valve ports that make fitting them as simple as bolting them on.



Exactly like all of K-Tuned's other throttle bodies these are constructed with 6061 billet aluminum with a brass throttle blade and a stainless steel, center-less ground, throttle shaft that is leak tested to 90psi. They retained the stock Mustang throttle body bolt pattern so they will bolt right up with some bigger aftermarket intake manifolds the same way as their original 90mm throttle bodies.


The K-Tuned 90mm K sereies throttle body and inlet are o-ring sealed so there is no need to worry about gaskets.


The throttle cable connects to a fully adjustable throttle rotor with 10 settings and a reversible throttle cable bracket. K-Tuned designed this bracket to allow you to run the cable on top like the OEM setup or tucked on the bottom.



The K-Tuned 90mm K series throttle body comes standard with 3.5" hose barb inlet, but they also have 3.75" and 4" sizes available to purchase separately. They also have optional V-band or Vanjen inlets available separately in both 3.5" or 4" sizes. All of these inlets are interchangeable, so they bolt on and eliminate the need for any welding.


KTD-TB9-IAK – K-Tuned 90mm Throttle Body with IACV and Map Ports – K-Series
KTD-TB9-IAB – K-Tuned 90mm Throttle Body with IACV and Map Ports – B-Series
MSRP – $379.99
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