Civic Inspired Driving Shoe: HT3

What are thooose?!?

By Aaron Gaghagen

Pictures courtesy of Honda of America


What do Thrillist, JackThreads and Honda have in common? Besides being forward thinking companies, they’re linked by their collaboration on the exclusive limited edition HT3 Driving Shoe that went on sale March 30th, available exclusively on



The sneaker is inspired by the dramatically redesigned, all-new 2016 Honda Civic, and pays tribute to the three core aspects of Honda design that influenced its sporty and dynamic styling – high touch, high tension and high tech.


Thrillist  came up with the idea and they tapped the fashionistas at JackThreads to bring the soul to the sole. Working with Honda R&D America’s Jarad Hall, who helped lead the exterior design of the Civic Sedan in North America, JackThreads developed the driving shoe to reflect the vehicle’s design throughout the HT3 sneaker, including the high quality materials used in the shoe’s development and the seamless silhouette of the shoe itself. The sneakers feature premium materials, including sleek suede with metallic hints and a quilted leather pattern on the heel counter and insole. To ensure a comfortable and snug fit, the HT3 has a neoprene vamp that fits securely over the top of the driver’s foot and articulated nodes that wrap around the wearer’s ankle, to provide additional support. The smooth lines of the Civic exterior inspired the clean lines of the sneaker. To cover the laces, JackThreads developed a suede shroud that fastens into place, and when uncovered, reveals the Civic logo.



They wanted a driving shoe that was fashion-forward made of premium materials that performs as well as it looks.


“We wanted to create a shoe that’s unlike anything seen before – something that is as comfortable to wear as it is fashion-forward and futuristic,” said Michael Vincent, Senior Buyer, Footwear at JackThreads. “The HT3 is a great versatile sneaker that elevates the basic functionality of the driving shoe and marries the design aesthetic of Honda and JackThreads.”



"Collaborating with JackThreads and Thrillist to develop an exclusive shoe for people who love driving and love the sporty new Honda Civic has been a great experience," said Jarad Hall, Civic Senior Exterior Designer, Honda R&D Americas.


The exclusive limited edition HT3 Driving Shoe was officially debuted alongside the 2016 Honda Civic at a special event with all the beautiful people like Hondapro Jason and Frank Garcia of Downstar on March 29 in Los Angeles, hosted by Thrillist.

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