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Civic EG Budget K Series Swap Part 1

Civic EG Budget K Series project asks, “Is a K swap really that much more expensive than a B swap?”

By Brian Gillespie and Aaron Gaghagen


We’ve all been there, looking at what we want for our project car and then looking at what we can afford for our project car. It’s a (budget) balancing act for most of us. Get the super baller JDM wheels brand new or maybe the used ones off of a previous owner or wheel reseller? Buy the sick name brand turbo kit or go the homemade route? When it comes to engine options the newer K series swaps always seemed to be so much more expensive than the tried and true B series. But, we love a challenge. So, Brian set out to complete a Civic EG Budget K Series Swap at a B series price. Is it possible? We breakdown the game plan in Part 1 of our Projectcarpalooza Civic EG Budget build.



Parts List for Project Civic EG Budget K Swap:


 Now, before you lose it and ask about the prices for all of this, keep your pants on. This is just PART 1. We will finish the K24 swap on this Civic in PART 2 and… We will have the total cost calculated in that part.


Aaron Gaghagen on Email
Aaron Gaghagen
Multimedia Editor at VTEC Academy
Aaron Gaghagen is a veteran video editor and longtime Honda enthusiast. All told, he’s owned seven of them, and has enjoyed every single minute of wrenching on every single one. Except for that automatic one. That was probably a mistake. In 2010 Aaron teamed up with Brian Gillespie who along with another partner launched Nacho Speed Garage, a venture that capitalized on Aaron’s video expertise to do its part in entertaining and educating the Honda masses. Nacho Speed Garage took everything to the next level. Instead of reading magazines and cruising forums for content, Aaron and Brian were generating it themselves. The demise of Honda Tuning magazine in 2014 was the impetus for Aaron to do something even more impactful, though, which led to the creation of VTEC Academy and aims to carry that Honda torch forward in the same spirt of not just Honda Tuning but Nacho Speed Garage.