180MPH Honda Crash

180MPH Honda Crash: Brian’s Fastest Engine Removal

By Aaron Gaghagen

Video shot by Shaun Mockoski, John Wylie, Mark Brazeau, Sheldon Tackett, Brian Gillespie

Edited by Aaron Gaghagen


Brian Gillespie likes to go fast. That’s why his daily grind is figuring out how to get Honda heads the engine swaps they want under the hood of their own projects. One of the ways he chooses to pursue speed is land speed trials. It’s basically taking your project out into the desert and going as fast as you can on a wide, flat course.


Typically a land speed run goes smoothly, but on this day Brian’s run was anything but smooth. The day before he won the season championship and joined the 200MPH Club. Some issues with the car inhibited it from running its ultimate top speed, so the Hasport Honda Insight with a Hondata tuned K series swap hit the course for what would turn out to be its final run ever. Hear from Brian and witnesses as they tell the real story behind the 180mph wreck that attracted attention from television and radio from around the US and bloggers from around the world.



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Aaron Gaghagen
Multimedia Editor at VTEC Academy
Aaron Gaghagen is a veteran video editor and longtime Honda enthusiast. All told, he’s owned seven of them, and has enjoyed every single minute of wrenching on every single one. Except for that automatic one. That was probably a mistake. In 2010 Aaron teamed up with Brian Gillespie who along with another partner launched Nacho Speed Garage, a venture that capitalized on Aaron’s video expertise to do its part in entertaining and educating the Honda masses. Nacho Speed Garage took everything to the next level. Instead of reading magazines and cruising forums for content, Aaron and Brian were generating it themselves. The demise of Honda Tuning magazine in 2014 was the impetus for Aaron to do something even more impactful, though, which led to the creation of VTEC Academy and aims to carry that Honda torch forward in the same spirt of not just Honda Tuning but Nacho Speed Garage.